Hebridean Sheep

We currently keep a small pedigree flock of Hebridean sheep.  We chose Hebrideans as they are a low maintenance, small and hardy breed that are ideal for first time sheep keepers as they require little intervention and are fairly easy to handle.  The sheep happily coexist with our horses and act as cross grazers on pasture that's resting.

Our six registered pedigree ewes are due to lamb in spring 2016 sired by our current pedigree ram Brutus.  We aim to sell registered ewes, lambs and rams for breeding and unregistered stock for fattening or for customers who want to keep a few pet sheep.


  1. You'll have to show your sheep at the agricultural shows, Herbrideans always do well.

    1. Hi Lou, I may have a look at this at the various shows we go to with the chickens. I have no idea where to start with showing sheep and I'm guessing the preparation is much more difficult compared to chickens!